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Tribal 477 Productivity System

TribeVue-477™ is an integrated software application that enables Program Directors and Case Managers to more easily facilitate 477 programs and bring improved efficiencies into data management. TribeVue-477 allows intake staff and case managers to spend more time tending to the needs of their clients and improving outcomes, thus helping tribal members to reach new levels of self-sufficiency.

With TribeVue-477™, tribes can more easily track the status of member participants, line item budgets, delivery of case services, and outcomes measures — in a matter of ‘clicks.’ Our system provides a flexible platform that captures data on member applicants; processes their applications; automates eligibility calculations; and coordinates approvals and case execution. Applicable human services programs include cash assistance and TANF, employment, training, education, tribal youth education, vocational rehabilitation, consumer services, and heating assistance.

Features include:

  • Member Applicants
  • Application Intake
  • Eligibility Calculators
  • Case Tracking by Program
    EET | TYEd | Voc rehab
    Consumer Services | LIHEA | TANF
  • Per-Service Cost Tracking
    Payment Tracker
  • Case and Line Item Budgets
  • Outcome Tracking
  • Automated Alerts
  • 477, DoL, HHS, other Reports
  • Document / Records Management
  • Notes, Appointments, Meetings
Child Support Enforcement

Tribal D, Inc. is an organization dedicated to serving American Indians, Indian Tribes and Alaskan Natives. We help tribes to maximize economic opportunities and self-determination objectives through increased performance management and decision-making support. Through a unique suite of software applications called TribeVue,® we have created a single-source platform for Tribal Resource Planning (TRP) and Management.

  • TribeVue software runs on tribal servers or can be hosted by Tribal D, Inc.
  • TribeVue-Drug Court is an application within our TribeVue ‘Empower People’ software bundle, which includes other modules for Human and Social Services, WIOA, 477 and other programs.
  • TribeVue complies with the latest standards in information assurance and data protection protocols.