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administration for Native Americans

Tribal department managers need to understand their program funding amounts and required deliverables to comply with each grant. As funding becomes appropriated to a tribal program, this set of TribeVue apps focuses on the ensuing program budgets and performance. Data-supported audit trails track money as it is appropriated through various tribal departments. Program execution, labor costs and other direct costs are each tracked and mapped to specific deliverables and outcomes. Further, all deliverable documents are tracked to each grant. Our integrated proprietary applications track: each revenue source; agency deliverable compliance, program level labor and direct cost allocation; and budgeted and actual funds consumption.

TribeVue Module Apps That Help Optimize Revenue:

    • TD Collaborate™
  • Track, search documents and folders
  • View program milestones in Calendar format
  • Run ‘blogs’ and discussion threads on various topics
  • Track critical action items
    • TD RTS™
      (Revenue Tracking & Sources)
  • Track, search all revenue sources, contracts, contractor agreements
  • Manage program-level time entries per person
  • Track a program points of contacts, deliverable schedules, data submittals
  • Apply data level security for controlled access/li>
    • TD Life™
      (Line Item Funds Expenditures)
  • Track budgeted contract/grant line items and actual line item expenses
  • Import time entries
  • Apply overhead, fringe rates for labor cost calculations
  • Generate graphical reports for program managers
    • TD Tero™
      (Tribal Contractor Fees)
  • Track Tribal contractors and fees
  • Track employer inspections
  • Track employment discrimination complaints
administration for Native Americans