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Decision–Support Systems for


Tribal D™ enables information immediacy, through its TribeVue™ application suite. Our unique Tribal Resource Planning model (TRP) provides Tribal program managers with more efficient Decision support capability.

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Tribal D™ is the creator of TribeVue™, a fully integrated off the shelf application suite, increasing productivity across all Tribal departments.

TribeVue focuses on managing the most critical aspects of Tribal governance: Revenue, People and Communities, Natural Resources, Heritage, Assets, Public Services, and Enterprises. Our system tracks bundles of processes and data through measurable outcomes for better decision support.

Optimize Revenue

Data-supported audit trails track money as it is appropriated through various tribal departments. Program execution, labor costs and other direct costs are each tracked and mapped to specific deliverables and outcomes. Learn more

Empower Communities

Automated software tools that screen, assess, plan and execute Child Support Enforcement, Education, Employment and Training (EET) programs, TANF, Consumer Services, Tribal Youth Education (TYEd) for youth in grades K-12 and Vocational Rehabilitation Program services. Learn more

Preserve Natural Resources & Heritage

Application modules that assist tribal governments with enforcing environmental protection compliance and natural resource tracking — comprised of water sources and water quality, fish and wildlife, air quality and land use and precious artifacts. Learn more

Maintain Critical Assets

Effective management tools that provide complete, efficient database tracking of critical tribal assets — including buildings, equipment, facility planning, health and safety tracking, security, maintenance, cleaning services and other support. Learn more

Provide Public Safety, Services

The infrastructure on Indian reservations for supporting public safety and welfare is a critical element for Tribal governments to manage. Critical trending of data, along with GIS, associated with Police, Fire, Utilities, Transportation, and Postal delivery systems need to be monitored and maintained for Tribal executive decision making. Learn more

Sustain Profitable Businesses

Sustaining viable business on Indian reservations is critical for economic development for Native American communities. Executive leadership teams overseeing Tribal enterprises benefit from monitoring strategic plans for their businesses and holding the business managers accountable for results. Learn more

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