Decision Support Systems for


Features & Benefits

tribal self-governance

Tribal D™ is committed to providing Native American tribes with simple, effective decision-support solutions in achieving self-determination objectives. Our fully integrated, off-the-shelf software application (TribeVue™) allows tribal governments to better self-manage their vast responsibilities and resources. TribeVue integrates information, data and processes into a centralized database, which ensures compliance and enables comprehensive reporting. In addition, our cloud-hosted solutions are mobile ready and available on-demand.

TribeVue is a full application system, allowing for expansive integration into all key ares of tribal self-governance. The system is most effective as a comprehensive, fully utilized tool. However, the system is module-based and allows tribes to utilize individual components to satisfy a particular need or manage a specific department or service.

  • Ensure maximum use of agency grants
  • Comply with agency reporting requirements
  • Monitor program underspend / overspend
  • Establish common process and integration across 477 programs
  • Increase efficiency of program intake, assessment, planning, and execution
  • Monitor child support enforcement
  • Track and measure outcomes
  • Track 477 expenditures
  • Comply with FLMA, FLSA
  • Manage all natural resource assets, including: water, land, fish and wildlife, etc.
  • Comply with EPA reporting for water, air quality and more
  • Comply with environmental reviews
  • Track heritage artifacts
  • Integrate tracking of facilities, property and equipment
  • Manage maintenance and upkeep of facilities
  • And more…

Training & Support

All TribeVue customers are assured of complete training and support services provided with the software.