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TribeVue-Drug Court

Tribal Healing to Wellness Software System

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Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts have the critical task of implementing the ‘drug court concept’ to address alcohol and drug abuse needs of their tribal communities. Challenged with adapting to a varierty of requirements, these courts must respond to participant progress with sanctions or accolades, while monitoring adaptive drug testing, court appearances, treatment providers, community service assignments, and other needs. In order to properly address a heavy case load docket and regulatory environment, an efficient process is imperative.

TribeVue-Drug Court, a comprehensive software application by Tribal D, Inc., provides Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts a single-source management solution in one automated system.

Features include:

  • Client Master List
  • Intake Profile and Screening
  • Alcohol and Drug History
  • Legal/Arrest History
  • Medical History
  • Mental Health History
  • Prescriptions
  • Case Management
  • Random Drug Tests/Results
  • Court Phases
  • Court Dates
  • Sanctions/Warrants /Arrests
  • Meetings/Counseling
  • Community Service
  • Payments
  • Progress Reports / Metrics
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Tribal D, Inc. is an organization dedicated to serving American Indians, Indian Tribes and Alaskan Natives. We help tribes to maximize economic opportunities and self-determination objectives through increased performance management and decision-making support. Through a unique suite of software applications called TribeVue,® we have created a single-source platform for Tribal Resource Planning (TRP) and Management.

  • TribeVue software runs on tribal servers or can be hosted by Tribal D, Inc.
  • TribeVue-Drug Court is an application within our TribeVue ‘Empower People’ software bundle, which includes other modules for Human and Social Services, WIOA, 477 and other programs.
  • TribeVue complies with the latest standards in information assurance and data protection protocols.