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Tribal Child Support Enforcement Software

The objective of Tribal D’s Child Support Enforcement (CSE) system is to support Tribal programs efforts to encourage parent accountability, increase parent financial support, child welfare, and reduce the burden of public assistance for child support. The TribeVue-CSE system provides software and office automation for supporting these efforts by tracking noncustodial parent location services, paternity establishment efforts, monitoring compliance of child support order actions, collection and distribution of child support payments, as well as referrals to other humanservice programs.

Tribal D’s TribeVue-CSE application, a part of the “Empower Communities” module, provides an integrated approach for optimizing visibility of information and minimizing the time spent on child support enforcement management related data. Information tracked and related features include:

  • NCPs, CPs database
  • Children
  • Child Support Orders
  • NCP Location projects
  • Paternity tracking
  • Arrears balances
  • Payments, Disbursements
  • TANF Case interfaces
  • OCSE Forms Report
  • Document / Records Management
  • Notes, Appointments, Meetings
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